Rob360 Motivational CD

The Rob360 Motivational Audio CD sampler was released Spring 2016.
This is the CD to listen to get you shaking and baking towards your goals.

Tracks include:

  1. Defining your Purpose
  2. What’s in your HAND?
  3. Power of the Pen – Pt. I: Writing your goals & visions
  4. “Don’t get it right, get it going”
  5. A Universal Principal for One Who is Successful
  6. Stop Changing Channels!
  7. Become a Student of Success
  8. Success Team
  9. Power of the Pen – Pt. II: Ask and You Shall Receive
  10. Healthy Living – GOD’S PLAN
  11. Eliminate the Excuses
  12. Information vs. Action

This CD has been distributed at Rob360 presentations. It will soon be available on iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby and other fine music distributors. Stay tuned for more details.