Quotes from Rob

Quotes from Rob

042315 – God want us to be the HEAD, not have an HEADACHE

 101613 – One of the greatest hindrances to progress is having per-conceived stereotypes about people and/or situations. #Rob360

072913 – “If I become the best ME I can BE, I don’t have to harbor hate or ENVY on ANYBODY.”

061713 – Sometime we are expecting God to be driving down the Interstate with our blessing, but often He comes walking down a dirt road.

052413 – No one would drive a car without periodically checking the gauges.  The same is true in life. We must check the gauges on our spiritual and emotional engines; lest we incur an unexpected breakdown.

051613 – HATERS are like ROCKING CHAIRS. They cause a lot of COM(MOTION) but they aren’t going ANYWHERE.

031610-“I think the only people who say “THEY NEED A VACATION” are people who are NOT fulfilling their PURPOSE.” -Rob360

Being a friend or more should not be a chore – unless the person is not a part of one’s long term destiny.

Being a friend or more should not be a chore – unless the person is not a part of what God has in store.

I am thankful to attend my 1st AOH Pentecost Convention.  It was a blessing to see & hear the colorful arrangement of clothes, soul, song & THE WORD.

If your only vehicle of knowing a PERFECT God is through your IMPERFECT church organization; you REALLY have a lot to learn about God. :-/

Often before you experience public praise, you experience many private disasters. Nevertheless, I am convinced the race is not given to the swift or strong, but unto he that endureth to the end. -Rob360.info

Time and money are enjoyed best when they are consumed slow and measured.

It is easier to tell everyone else to get out of the boat & walk on water than it is to go walk your OWN SELF.

Some things are destiny, but many more things are decisions.

SISTER 2 SISTER-EBONY is beautiful. I JET 2 my knees, ‘cause my SOURCE is heavenly. My VIBE is eternal. In ESSENCE it’s Jesus. WORD UP!

Forget about the mysterious G-Spot, There’s one place you can touch a girl that she’ll never forget; HER HEART.

110910-“Enjoy REJECTION!  It might just be God’s PROTECTION. After all you wanna be in God’s WILL, so take it easy & CHILL.” -Rob